Meet Our Team

Kevin Courtney, President & CEO

Kevin has been in recruiting since 1978. After 7 years learning as a recruiter and recruiter manager, he started his own staffing company in 1985. Thus, Mile High was born. After 20+ years in the staffing industry, in 2002, Mile High transitioned into a direct hire firm. Because of this transition, MHES Logistics was able to offer more focused, customized and targeted recruiting practices, providing specialized candidates to our clients – some of the hardest to fill industries in the country.

Ericka Padilla, Vice President

Ericka has been a pillar at MHES Logistics for more than 6 years. As an all-around recruiting professional, she manages the recruiting force as well as plays an integral role in business development. Ericka has grown from an entry-level Recruiter to a central member of the leadership team in her position as Vice President. She is a constant source of light and motivation in the office and is dedicated to the ongoing success of her recruiting team and to the placement of all candidates that come through our doors.

Matt Smock, General Manager

Matt has been with MHES Logistics for 4.5 years. Matt received his CDL is 2007 and worked with Halliburton for 9 years. Before joining the MHES team, he managed a hydraulic frac crew of more than 60 operators and CDL Drivers. His transportation industry experience has been extensively valuable to our team. Starting as an entry-level recruiter, he has worked his way up to Operations Manager. In addition to his recruiting expertise, Matt cultivates client relationships and develops advertising campaigns.

Ryan Kricken, Director of Business Development

With more than 15 years in the financial industry, Ryan has ample experience in client relationship management. As someone who understands the full business development cycle from cold call through to account management, Ryan has become a major asset to MHES Logistics as our Director of Business Development. Here, Ryan is responsible for attracting new business with prospective clients as well as fostering growth with our long-standing client base. Ryan enjoys building relationships and welcomes the opportunity to speak with different people from different backgrounds to assist with their professional recruiting needs.

Eilidh Strecker, Advertising & Marketing Manager

Eilidh has been with MHES Logistics for nearly 3 years. Her background includes content marketing, account management, design services, and social media engagement. At MHES Logistics she develops advertising, designs training materials and is responsible for the creation of internal documentation. Eilidh is also a part-time student at The University of Colorado Boulder where she is pursuing her Masters of Arts in English Literature. Eilidh enjoys using creative approaches to develop valuable resources for her fellow team members.

Cassandra Shin, Advertising & Marketing Manager

Joining MHES Logistics in early 2023, Cassandra has utilized her background in professional writing to help the company convey themselves authentically. Her background also includes content marketing, social media content creation and management, and design services. At MHES Logistics, she develops advertising and is responsible for the creation of internal documentation. She thrives in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment and strives to always put her best work forward. Cassandra’s urgency and determination continue to help MHES Logistics grow and succeed. 

Gayle Straka, Senior Recruiter & Account Manager

With more than 25 years spanning a variety of managerial positions in the restaurant industry, Gayle’s interpersonal experience and skillset lies in effectively fostering applicant and client relationships to achieve lasting success. Helping hundreds of individuals to find employment over her career, she enjoys connecting with professsional skilled applicants to discover their unique abilities and job expectations. Gayle’s determination and persistence pushes the Mile High team to stay on their toes and maintain standards of excellence. 

Duane Dotson, Senior Recruiter & Account Manager

Duane joined MHES Logistics in early 2023 and has quickly become a valuable member of the team. With a background in the wireless industry, Duane has 15 years of management experience. Duane’s work history has allowed him to develop skills including effective interviewing techniques, customer relationship building, and dynamic team training and oversight. At MHES Logistics, Duane enjoys connecting with candidates from across the country who have different backgrounds, various skill sets, and have experience in a variety of industries, in order to find them the best fit for their future career.   

Bailey Erickson,

As an experienced client-facing professional with ample experience in the leasing and property management space, Bailey has been able to bring stellar customer service and quality communication to her role as a Recruiter. Bailey thrives in a fast-paced environment and thoroughly gets to know her candidate and client needs alike in order to facilitate the best partnerships. She enjoys getting to work with talented individuals from all walks of life in order to place them in positions they are excited about.

Nicole Monahan,

Nicole started with MHES Logistics in early 2023 and has quickly become a valued recruiter within our team. Her focused and urgent approach helps to expedite the hiring process, ensuring candidates are placed and get to work quickly in their new role. With nearly 20 years in the restaurant industry, she excels in this fast-paced environment while still continuing to be detail-oriented. Helping individuals find employment in a position that they love drives Nicole to be the best recruiter she can be. Nicole’s commitment and compassion continue to motivate the team as well as help Mile High grow as a company. 

Kristin Fraley,

With extensive experience in the recruiting industry and skills in the business development field, Kristin has been able to bring quality communication and excellent interpersonal skills to our team. Kristin is a high-energy, passionate, customer-oriented individual and enjoys the opportunity to learn and collaborate with her peers. She is well-versed in high volume staffing, managing client/vendor/carrier relations, and expanding sales territory with the objective of finding more efficient ways to recruit. Kristin’s persistence and motivation drives the team and Mile High as a company to be the best we can be. 

Turbo, Chief Executive Dog-In-Charge

Turbo is our handsome office mascot, guard dog, and motivator. Skills include impressive downward dog stretching, offering wet kisses, and spending hours curled up in his mom’s (Ericka’s) office during meetings.

Our Mission Statement:

MHES Logistics facilitates the detailed coordination of marrying qualified candidates to innovative successful employers by utilizing a team of well-trained industry recruiters to achieve long-lasting committed careers.